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The Beta's Beloved by Rebecca Brochu #MM #Paranormal #Shifter

Today’s guest is no stranger to Tyler’s Naughty Notions!! Get comfy and help me welcome back, Rebecca Brochu!!
Check out her latest novel, The Beta’s Beloved!!
A year after Declan Adair crashed into Carson territory and into the alpha Law’s heart things have finally settled down.  Except for the fact that Trace Carson, Law’s brother and right hand wolf, is head over heels for the fiery but skittish Lachlan, Declan’s identical twin brother.  The entire pack, including both of their brothers, knows how Trace feels about Lachlan.  The only problem is that Lachlan seems completely oblivious to Trace’s interest.
Trace, in a final attempt to woo the elusive Lachlan, whisks him away to the northern reaches of the territory and a remote cabin deep in the heart of the forest.  Trace hopes that he can convince Lachlan to give him the chance he needs to prove himself before someone else swoops in and takes his beloved away.  Trace will do anything to prove to Lachlan that he can be the man and the wolf for him. 
They were both panting when he finally broke the kiss. Lachlan’s face was flushed, and his eyes were bright, and he was so beautiful Trace could barely breathe.
“Can I?” Trace asked as he let Lachlan go so he could trail his hands down the smooth line of Lachlan’s chest to fiddle with the waistband of his borrowed sweat pants.
Lachlan nodded his agreement and Trace slowly hooked his fingers in the waistband and pulled them down and off. He tossed the pants in the direction of the couch, attention focused on the way Lachlan’s half hard cock bobbed against the smooth line of his stomach. Trace relished the hiss Lachlan released when he wrapped a hand around his cock and tugged. Lachlan was smooth in his hand, hot and hard and utterly tempting. He swiped his thumb across the head and grinned when Lachlan moaned and bucked up into his grip. Trace watched the way Lachlan’s eyes fluttered closed and couldn’t help but frown lightly at the way he bit lightly at his lower lip in an effort to stay quiet.
“Don’t do that.” Trace thumbed at Lachlan’s mouth with his free hand as he twisted his other to give Lachlan’s cock a firm upstroke. “I want to hear you.”
Lachlan moaned loudly in response, pushed his hips up lightly into the firm grip that Trace had on his cock. He didn’t try to stifle himself again, and Trace had to ignore the way his own cock throbbed with want at the sounds Lachlan emitted as he stroked him.
Trace moved out from between Lachlan’s thighs so he could settle onto the rug beside him. He played with Lachlan lazily for a few moments, did his best to remember every twitch and shudder he managed to wring out of him. Lachlan’s flush grew, spread across the high arches of his cheeks and down his neck and chest. He could smell Lachlan’s arousal in the air still, thicker than ever before, could feel the way Lachlan was approaching the edge, muscles tense and breathing heavy.
Trace pushed him further along with a few more strokes and then he abruptly stopped. Lachlan whined at him in protest, bucked his hips up and tried to entice him back, but Trace just grinned down at into his flushed face. Trace leaned down and took Lachlan’s mouth in another deep kiss. Before he pulled back Trace grabbed one of Lachlan’s hands and guided it towards Lachlan’s cock.
“I want to watch,” Trace rasped. Lachlan jerked and stared up at him in surprise, but Trace just leaned over and ran the flat of his tongue across Lachlan’s nipple. “I want you to do it.”

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Spring Fling Blog Hop with Tyler Robbins

Welcome to the Spring Fling Blog Hop!!

I hope you’re all thawing out from this crazy winter that has literally held most of us captive for too many weeks. Even here in Texas, we’ve had more than our share of snow and ice.
Thankfully, all that frigid stuff is behind us now, and gorgeous days are ahead. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, authors are writing, and characters are making love.
Ahhhh, don’t ya’ just love Spring??
For those of you hoping to get lucky by winning some great prizes, I’ll be giving away a digital copy of my latest release, Killian’s Claim, #2 book in my Call of the Wolf series.
All you have to do to qualify for your chance to win is share a little naughtiness with the rest of us here at Tyler’s Naughty Notions by giving the location of the naughtiest place you and your significant other ever did the wild thang!! (Be sure to leave your email so I may contact the winner!!)
SUPER FUN, huh??
Come on, don’t be shy.
I’ll go first:
A resort construction site at the lake near my house!! Little did those construction workers know just how involved my private tour was… ahhh, those were the days!!

For a little inspiration, check out this extra scene below that wasn’t included in Killian’s Claim. Killian and Quinn have done the “wild thang” in some super-hot places as well!!

Killian’s Claim:

Six years ago, Quinn Kelly barely escaped the brutal murder of his parents. Now the lone-wolf is searching for a place to belong. Well aware of his proclivity for men, his nomadic life hasn’t allowed him to find anyone to call his own, until now.
Wolf-shifter and future alpha of his own pack, Killian Masters wants nothing more than his father’s approval. After meeting Quinn, he’s more determined than ever to make his father see who he is and how deeply he loves.
Captivated by their growing passion, the young lovers have a rude awakening when the vengeful alpha who murdered Quinn’s parents, finds him, and vows to destroy anyone who gets in his way.
Some say the battle between good and evil is determined by which power is fed the most, but in nature, no power compares to that of an alpha’s claim.

Extra Excerpt:
Killian sat in his truck outside the diner, watching the back door like a hawk, waiting for the first sign of Quinn. He’d thought of nothing else all day. The instant his lover emerged, the fun would begin.
Stalking Quinn felt natural, appeasing his urges as a predator. The thought of his lover’s submission made his cock throb. He rubbed his crotch, savoring the vibrations zapping through his balls.
He looked at the clock. Quinn’s shift had ended … the seconds passed like hours. Anticipation ignited the restless gnaw in his gut, He had to have him.
Killian huffed a sigh of relief as the back door opened.
Quinn stepped out with his apron tossed over his shoulder, and the gleam in his eye as eager as Killian had hoped.
Shit. Those baby-blues beckoned him, and the cocky smile that followed told him all he’d needed to know.
Quinn was ready, too.
He gave Killian a nod, then turned toward the woods behind the building.
Killian swallowed hard as he got out of his truck. He glanced around the back alley, making sure no one saw.
Quinn casually entered the forest, not even glancing back.
Killian’s cock pulsed as he lingered just at the tree line, watching his lover travel deeper into the darkened woods.
After a few steps, Quinn stopped and turned to face Killian. Slowly pulling his shirt over his head, he let it fall to the ground, paying no mind to where it landed. His jeans were next.
Killian’s heart raced as the jingle of Quinn’s belt signaled what he knew would happen next.
He inched closer, watching every move his young lover made. His mind raced, recalling all the ways they’d pleasured each other over the last few weeks. His heart thumped at the thoughts of how many ways they’d yet to pacify their primal urges.
Knowing Quinn’s penchant for being dominated had made Killian’s role as alpha worth every bite, every snarl, and every scratch he’d earned while taming his mate.
Tonight would be no different.
Without warning, Quinn shifted into his wolfen form. He stood there a moment longer, staring Killian down, as if to provoke what Killian had been waiting for all day. He then turned, and disappeared into the darkness.
Killian rushed to undress, his heart booming in his chest.
Quinn’s impassioned howl ricocheted through the forest, almost causing Killian to come right then and there. He had to have him. Now.
He hit the forest floor at a dead run, his snout in in the air, searching the night for Quinn’s unmistakable scent.
His musky aroma wafted into Killian’s nostrils, strong and virile, just like his young lover.
By the time he reached the spot, Quinn had transformed back into his human form and stretched out on his stomach across the blanket Killian had left earlier in the evening.
This was how they did it. One chose the spot, and the other lured them back there, by scent and instinct alone. A different place every time, but one that would soon be christened by their passion.
“Nice spot.” Quinn rolled over and sat up. His hard cock jutted upward toward his stomach, like a stiff reminder to Killian of what was already his to claim.
Killian remained in wolfen form a few minutes, pacing back and forth as his instincts to dominate increased. You look good enough to eat.
“Then maybe you should shift and taste.”
Killian growled, thrilled by the sensual tone of his lover’s challenge. He eased closer, eyeing Quinn, taking his time, and making him wait.
Quinn reached down and gripped his cock, stroking it while Killian watched. He licked his lips, staring down Killian’s wolf.
Killian couldn’t hold out. Teasing Quinn meant torturing himself.
He shifted and lowered himself to the ground. “You’re going to be the end of me.”
Quinn rose onto his knees and drew him near. “God, I hope not.” A sly grin spread across his lips as his hand skimmed down Killian’s stomach.
Killian gasped when Quinn grabbed his shaft and began to rub and stroke him. Heat filled Killian’s groin and his cock jerked as blood rushed to meet his need. A deep growl rumbled in his chest.
“Waited all fucking day for this.” He cupped the back of Quinn’s neck, ignoring the slight resistance of his lover’s playful protest.
He kissed him hard, his tongue taking complete control of Quinn’s mouth, the exact same way he’d commanded his young lover’s body so many times before.
Quinn was at his mercy, just the way they both preferred. Quinn dug his nails into Killian’s back, kindling the heat that was sure to keep them fuelled for hours on end.
Killian pulled back, and gazed into his lover’s pleading ayes. “Get on your knees, baby. It’s gonna be a long night.”

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